On Sunday I ended up at Roost for brunch. I’d been here just a few weeks before for dinner after reading in Eater that it was one of Portland’s 21 most underrated restaurants, and I was eager to get me some brunchy goodness.

Main problem – it was Father’s Day (oh yeah – I thought it was just Pride Parade) – anyway – we thought this was known as the place you went when the line was too long at Zell’s (one of my all-time favorite brunch spots) – but it turns out the wait here was just as insane! C’est la vie. You can’t expect anything less on Sunday brunch in Portland (we all remember the famous Portlandia episode).

So after a zippy hour wait, we were finally seated. The wooden chairs are…rustic. Woody. They put a piece of charcoal in the water – apparently it’s a thing. But you’re here for the food, right? Me too.

Down to business . We started with some cinnamon sugar donuts with a side of custard – look at these puppies! Don’t you wanna take a bite? Served with fresh pressed Stumptown, it was like a little cinnamon dance in my mouth.


Now, I’m not a huge custard/donut person so I can’t rank these among the donut food gods, so they were just OK in my book. Moving on to the real party, then came the meal.


Scallion Pancake with Braised Pork, Fried Eggs, Tomato, Avocado, Sour Cream, Salsa Verda


Smoked Trout Hash with Ham, Scallion, Poached Eggs and Mustard Cream

Are you hungry yet? Good. Mission accomplished. OK, so here’s the thing. At $13 an entree, this meal was a little spendy. Was it tasty? Definitely. If I had to choose between it and Zell’s, would I go to Zell’s? Probably. They are also lacking in the coffee-while-you-wait department (perhaps they are so newly busy for brunch, they haven’t quite figured this out yet?) Either way – I really did enjoy my meal, but I can’t give it amaze-balls status. Although it’s pretty flap jackin’ good. I’d recommend it to anyone with the preposition that it will be a spendier brunch meal compared to some other options.

Want a different perspective? Check out my yelp review and see what others thought.
Until next time…happy brunching my foodie family.



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