The Hop & Vine


The Burger’ – Bacon, Egg, Leyden, Aioli, Butter Lettuce & Onion

Whether it has pork belly, bacon, fried eggs, or kimchi – Portland has its fair share of burgers ranked in the holy grail of ‘best’ burger in Portland. For some reason this fascinates me. Fascinates me enough to try them all. Eventually. One of my burger quests took me to Hop & Vine on a Sunny Saturday, which was awesome because Hop & Vine has a pretty killer patio. What’s better than happy hour, burgers and beer in the SUN? Not many things, in this life.

So we find ourselves on the patio, drinking happy hour priced 20 oz beers and ordering medium rare burgers. But burgers aren’t enough! We also order bacon wrapped dates (because when bacon wrapped dates are on the menu, can you really not order them?


Bacon wrapped dates from Hop & Vine

The answer is no, no you can’t – so we did. We ordered them. There they are, on the left. Do you see them? Are you jealous? Good. Moving on.

So, after some tasty dates (we had dates on our date – ha!) the burgers came. As you can see from the initial photo, that’s one helluva burger. I mean – yeah. It was delicious. The only downside was, well, our burgers were sorta raw. As in, not red and juicy, but purple. At this point I was 20 – 40 oz of beer in, so I sort of just went with it. Did I get sick the next day? Yeeeeeees I did. Was it worth it? Looking back, I wanna say yes, but at the time, I didn’t quite agree.

Does Hop & Vine make it into my list of top burgers in Portland? Sorry HV, there are some other contenders that beat you to the punch. Would I go back and eat the burger again (assuming it was cooked to a true medium rare) and enjoy myself some giant beers? Well, what do you think?



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