Little Big Burger (Multiple Locations)

Could Little Big Burger become the In-N-Out burger of the PacNW? With their simple menu and delicious, affordable, fast-food yet still upscale (truffle fries, anyone?) menu – yeah, it’s very possible. Plus they serve BEER – if that’s not Portland, I don’t know what is.

Here’s what I had on Saturday:


Hellooooooo greasy goodness. Seriously, this is a damn good burger, especially for the price. Many people even rank it the best burger in Portland (although I have to point out that price accessibility means way more people have probably tried this burger than some of my other more expensive faves). My favorite burgers in town are all upwards of $12 – but this one is less than $5 even with extra cheese and bacon. It’s not an every day thing – this grease bomb totally sat in my belly for way longer than I wanted it to – but man. If that ain’t one tasty burger. Just make sure you order some truffle fries – unless I get there first and I order them all before you get there. Drool.


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