The Cardinal Club

How glad am I that one of my best friends lives in the popular Kerns neighborhood and is always discovering new, fabulous places on her block. Enter: The Cardinal Club. Or, rather, what people might misinterpret as ‘Bar/Kitchen Open’ and walk right by, since this place is extremely poorly marked. Lucky for us – we had the place to ourselves on a weeknight and got the best seat in the house.

cardinal club2

So, if you can get past this weird looking location and signage, you’re in for a treat! I started with a champagne cocktail that was DELICIOUS and only $6 . I’m pretty sure the same cocktail anywhere else would have been $9+!

We started with some asparagus and grilled romaine salad. Both sort of ridiculous. I definitely recommend the grilled romaine (share it with someone as a starter!) if you come here. It’s super creamy, so it’s not a healthy item, but it will rock your world.

My friends raved about the fish stew but we were all sort of interested in trying the Roast Pork Sandwich. AHHHHHHHH. It was so good! I’ve heard rumors that the chicken sandwich is even better, so you know me – I’m just going to have to go back and try it for myself!

We finished off with dessert… Caramel Bread Pudding…and stumbled out happy and full on a Wednesday night, with a super reasonable check! Can’t wait to come back here! Cheers!

cardinal club


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