Market Fuego Fiesta – James Beard Public Market

The food culture in Portland continues to astound me. In lieu of my typical restaurant review, I’m taking today to review my experience at the Market Fuego Fiesta on August 2, which took place at Fireside NW in collaboration with Old Salt. Here was the menu:

  • Main: lamb barbacoa, pork with red mole & peaches, albacore ceviche with local currants
  • Sides: “elote” (Mexican style grilled corn), “quelites” (sauteed wild greens), and grilled carrots with cumin
  • Dessert: choco tacos from Salt & Straw
  • Beverages: ginger & peach white sangria, rum-spiked horchata, red/white/rose wine, beer

And for you visual learners:

IMG_0588 IMG_0590IMG_0585

So the $35 price tag basically got you enough tickets for one protein, 3 sides, and dessert (plus 2 drink tickets). I went for the pork with red mole & peaches (because red mole…and peaches…and pork). With a glass of pinot noir, this was AMAZING. Then again I love Old Salt and everything they ever do, ever – especially meat – so this was a no-brainer. The choco tacos could have used a little help in the presentation department, but my gluten free friend took care of that when she asked for a GF dessert and was presented with this beauty:


I mean come on, prettiest pear dessert ever, right? It was all awesome. Very casual – come and go as you please, buy more tickets if you still want food/drink, listen to a live band, go get your food kind of style. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ron with the James Beard Public Market, who hopes to bring a similar concept to Portland over the next few years. All I have to say is I’m all for it. A few quotes from their website to give you more details:

“The idea of a public market that would provide the city of Portland with locally raised meats and vegetables on a regular basis is wonderful (not that our farmer’s markets aren’t amazing as well). If not eating at the restaurants in town that provide locally raised meats and vegetables, having constant access to it and eating locally and seasonally at home is the next best alternative–and better for the city, farmers, ranchers, and for us as a whole!” – Chef Ben Schade, Old Salt Marketplace

“The foundation of our menu and concept is tethered to the presence of a market, and the cultural literacy that it promotes through interaction, community and the sharing of sustenance. James Beard Public Market epitomizes all these tenets. By celebrating the richness of the land, and promoting the movement for fresh local food, the market is the nucleus of our culinary passion and community.” –Chef Joey Hart, Fireside

If you want to learn more about the James Beard Public Market, or to make a donation, you can do so here.

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See you all next time!


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