Old Salt

Have you ever looked at a menu and just been like, yeah, I’ll take one of everything, that would be great – before you realize that you are a human being and maybe can’t demolish a whole menu? That’s how I feel/felt about Old Salt. This place is clutch – up on NE 42nd, it’s away from the busy downtown scene and has an awesome, woodsy kind of feel. Cool thing about this place – you can basically say “I want to spend X dollars” and they’ll be like “great!” and then just keep bringing you food until you want to never eat again (I mean, I guess the more you pay the more you get). Either way – I’ve been here a few times now and doing this is definitely the way to go. It’s on the menu – ‘Let us cook for you’ and is $30 and up. Whether or not you do this, you can’t go wrong here. The meat is done really well (not like, literally, but as in they will cook it to your desired temperature and you’ll be happy about it). They ALSO do brunch which is also quite scrumptious. Here are a few photos of the deliciousness I consumed:

Hearth beer with sweet onions and potatoes

Hearth beer with sweet onions and potatoes

hearth toast with duck egg

Hearth toast with duck egg.

I won’t post any  more photos or else you’re going to be mad at me for making you hungry. But all I can say is this place is amazing and I give it two Carter thumbs up!*

*Note: My last name is Carter. The more you know!


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