It makes me so happy when I have an experience so lovely and memorable, the act of writing about it gives me almost as much pleasure as doing the eating/dining (key word: almost).

I came to Coquine on a Thursday evening and I had my fine dining pants on. I was ready. We started with the Gamay and Noir and the Pinot Noir – the Pinot Noir was outstanding and flavorful. Bethel Heights, “Estate,” Eola-Amity Hills, Oregon 2012. I plan to pick up a bottle this weekend! (I called Bethel Heights and in addition to buying on their website you can also pick a bottle up at your local New Seasons, Whole Foods, or my favorite wine shop – Liner and Elsen. Pro tip: Head to Liner and Elsen on Saturday mornings/afternoons for amazing – and totally free! – wine tastings. You’re welcome).

We then opted for the Chef’s Choice Prixe Fixe.

Our waiter stated: “Let’s begin.”

We slowly  and gracefully moved through a variety of delicious bites and more substantial places. Everything was timed perfectly and our waiter was attentive but not leering. The chefs came out and brought and explained the courses to us one by one. Through the course of the evening we consumed:

House cultured butter and Contadino bread
Chilled Charentais melon and cucumber salad with almond, shiso and celery leaf
Oil cured Oregon Albacore with new potatoes, cucumber, and sorrel-scallion vinaigrette
Many tomatoes with fromage blanc, olive oil pasty, summer savory, olives and, pine nuts (stand out!)
Pork short ribs with black pepper molassas lacquer, charred onion, corn, green beans, and padron peppers
Pecorino Sardo with fennel-shallot agrodolce and black pepper candied walnuts
Fresh Figs with fig leaf ice-cream.toasted milk chocolate marshmallow, and malted graham (stand out!)
Candy Tray assorted candies and sweets


In addition to the menu items above, we were also brought amouse bouches I don’t even see on the menu. My one slight piece of slight criticism was that the pork short ribs were a little dry, and a few of the starters were slightly over salted for my taste. Small prices to pay for such a delectable overall experience.


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