Bad Habit Room

Google ‘Bad Habit Room Portland, OR’ and you’ll see under BRUNCH the description: Enjoy a wholesome brunch at Bad Habit Room every weekend …

You know what, I may just do that.

SET THE SCENE: It’s Sunday (obvs). You’re hungover (double obvs). What’s more appropriate than some hair of the dog and some benedict to get you through your afternoon? Enter: the Bad Habit Room in NoPo.

My friend and I came in and were pleasantly surprised to get seated right away (I’ll be damned if I’m waiting 2 hours for some damn chicken and waffles). I ordered a coffee and a bloody to start, because, as we know – bitches love beverages.

bloody mary at bad habit room

Look how happy I am! LOOK AT THE FIXINS ON THAT BLOODY! Here’s a closer up shot:


Yeah, this could have been a meal in its own, but who am I kidding? I saw the Eggs Blackstone (Poached eggs, bacon, roasted tomato & truffle jam, and hollandaise on SugarPimp’s beer bread. Served with breakfast potatoes and fresh greens) and I was like, OK, any bread that’s called ‘SugarPimp’ is OK in my book. Also – TRUFFLE JAM?! Yeah, that’s happening.

eggs blackstone at bad habit room

It was seriously one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve had in a long time, and there was no wait. NO WAIT! Actually, maybe I shouldn’t write this post. STOP READING THIS PLACE WAS TERRIBLE NEVER COME HERE! There. We good, Portland?



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