3 Doors Down







It’s Friday. It’s also a long weekend. While you’re gearing up for Labor Day, I’m writing about one of my favorite restaurants in Portland – 3 Doors Down. Just a block off Hawthorne, this hidden neighborhood gem is so awesome. I mean, any place that wants to feed me lots of pasta I consider OK in my book, but this place does it really well. Below are some photos from my last meal I had here – oh hey, noodles. I didn’t see you there.



If you don’t want to put your face into either of those pastas – one seafood and one in a vodka cream sauce – I don’t really want to be friends with you. That’s OK – I have a lot of friends. Maybe dessert is more your jam and in that case, this place is known for its banana cream pie. GET IN MY BELLY!


Did I mention they have happy hour all night Sunday – Thursday? Wait, did you say all night, Alyssa? Yes, yes I did reader. You’re welcome. Basically, this place is awesome and you should go – except maybe not when I’m going because I super dig not having to wait for a table here, OK?


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