Brunch Village – Feast Portland


There is a very real chance that I may still be recovering from my experience at Brunch Village (oh, excuse me, that’s Tillamook Brunch Village to you, sir) –  which took place last Sunday, September 20, 2015 in the heart of Portland, Pioneer Square.

I am an active volunteer with the James Beard Public Market (see the post I wrote about their Market Fuego Fiesta event last month here) – and I got a last minute call to help out at the booth. This apparently also involved me getting to eat lots of delicious brunch foods. I felt like this.


So I came and did my volunteer duty. And then I ate. ALL OF THE THINGS. Like these things:

IMG_1530  IMG_1533  IMG_1535         IMG_1558   IMG_1573

OK, so the last photo is just beverages, but we bitches love beverages. I think that consists of mimosa, drinking chocolate, beer, and some kind of cordial I didn’t care for. Cordial, you are cordially uninvited to this party. #sorrynotsorry.

I have so many things to say about these foods. First of all, I finally popped my Pips Doughnuts cherry, which is just exciting for everyone. Honey sea salt and lavender with berry jam? WITH chai? Stop. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.


BUT WHAT’S THE BEST THING YOU TRIED, ALYSSA?! This is hard for me because it wasn’t from a Portland cart. I KNOW! It was the Turkish egg from chef Brad Farmerie in NYC. See below:




I don’t even have a shot of the fully constructed sandwich because I was too excited to eat it (and well so – it was one of the first lines I stood in – man, those lines were long) – and it was great. So great.

Another thing I just have to point out because it’s so awesome – Alaska Airlines (which is my favorite airline – and I swear I am not being promoted by Alaska – yet – hint hint) was giving away these awesome little trays to PUT YOUR WINE ON. Because wine at breakfast. Obviously.


Also I’m noticing that I do have a shot of the Lardo sandwich – apparently I WAS smart enough to snap it. Good job, self.

And because it’s brunch, they even had a Bloody Mary Bar. Although it was less of a bar and most of a ‘choose your own liquor’ sort of adventure. I like to think of it as the adult choose your own adventure books. I chose Sailor Jerrys, which was an interesting adventure.

What else? We were boothed up right next to Nuvrei, which is just mean, because they had like a million pastries and I wanted to eat them all. I think I had 3. Is being food drunk a thing? I think I food blacked out. Here is one of the things I tried at Nuvrei and it was awesome:


Oh, this thing: This is apparently what happens when Pine State Biscuits and Tillamook ice cream come together and have a sexy baby. This was freaking. OMG.


Oh – and Boke Bowl was there, too! SEE I HAVE PROOF!


I think that’s all I care to share about my brunch experience for now. It’s been real, Feast, and until next year….cheers!



4 thoughts on “Brunch Village – Feast Portland

  1. What a great recap of Brunch Village – I hope you can attend more events next year. The Turkish egg was phenomenal, although it didn’t come with bread when I had it, which I think was key! I think my favorite was the Boke bowl.. but who are we kidding?! It was all good! Can’t wait to eat my way through Portland with you some more!

  2. What an awesome experience! All of that food in your post looked so good… You mentioned that this is an annual event?

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