New favorite brunch place? OMG. I just don’t know, you guys. Let’s figure this one out.

I had been wanting to try Trinket like, FOREVS but I knew trying to go on a weekend would be like trying to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night. Sorry, but I prefer a more intimate setting for my omelettes.


I finally made a date with a friend at 11:30am on a Friday and my first reaction was how much I adored the cozy, intimate space. Next was the music – I arrived first so I got to it and enjoy it for a while and whatever playlist these guys are rocking is my JAM.

We ordered and shared the hash of the day as well as the Huevos Al Pastor (pineapple braised pork, corn tortillas, fried eggs, sour cream and avocado). Um – guys. It was seriously one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while.

AND I HAVEN’T EVEN MENTIONED THE BEVERAGES! THE BEVERAGES! I tried the Cure – a twist on a bloody with vodka, house bloody mary & beet-carrot-ginger juice. So light and delicious!


Since it was a lady date we stayed for hours and chatted and the service was awesome and friendly throughout our extended loitering. They kept refilling our water glasses and coffee (because bitches love beverages, remember).

I can’t speak for the weekend service – this place only has a few tables and is a small establishment – but if you can get your butt in there soon, well, I would. And I did. Ten points for me.

So is it my favorite brunch place? I think more: this is a solid top 5 place that has a dish I REALLY enjoyed.

What’s your favorite brunch spot? Where can I get the best bloody? Tell me in the comments below!


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