Breakside Brewery

 20 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR 97211

With so many breweries in Portland, how do you choose where to go (and more importantly, to go back to)? Well, if you’re me, you’ve found your sweet spot at Breakside Brewery’s pub on Dekum. First of all, they have seasonally rotating beers (including my favorite delicious sour beers!); second, their food is really freaking good. So good that I went twice last week, two days in a row. You heard me right. The first night, I got this:



I mean, would you look at those sweet potato fries?! Tell me you don’t want to eat one of those right now. I dare you. But really, it was super good and when I was looking for somewhere to go the next night, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how great it was, so I went back. But, I decided to try something else this time, and somehow, my mind was more blown by this:



Those Nachos!!! Look how beautiful they are! Perfectly layered so every chip is oozing with cheezy goodness. Apparently they make their own chips in house, too, which really changes the game. I am going to go on a limb and say these are maybe the best nachos I’ve ever eaten. They were so, so good.

Washed both of these down with some seasonal beers and man, was I a happy girl! I’ve yet to have anything bad on the menu and the beer is always good. Can not recommend this place enough!


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