First Thursday Adventure Run

If you enjoy running, or drinking beer, or winning  prizes, or maybe all three – get your butt to the next First Thursday Adventure Run, put on by Fleet Feet Sports.  I try to go every month, which falls on – you guessed it – first Thursday!

The basic premise is this: show up before 6pm, when they unveil the locations for that event. Strategize your route (you can run alone or with friends – which is more fun, obviously) and try to hit as many locations as you can. Collect raffle tickets. Return before 7pm to drop your raffle tickets, drink some free beer (usually sponsored by a local brewery) and get as close as you can to the fun – socks, shirts, hats, and sometimes onions (or at least one time onions) are thrown out to eager attendees.

I usually hit almost all the spots and use the full hour, and the run is about 4 miles. I’m sure you could hit more or go on a less strategic route and run more (at a faster pace) – but it’s  your call. The sooner you get back to home base, the sooner you can drink beer.

I did this for YEARS before I finally won last year. Here is me winning last year. Look how excited I am!


AND THEN YOU GUYS I WON AGAIN LAST MONTH!!! Less excited, and wet from rain, but still – THAT’S TWO WINS!


Register for the event in advance to get extra tickets, and get there early to go to all of the boots to get free samples and more tickets. See you out there!



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