Solera Brewing

You know that place you go to because the view is amazing, but the food and drink is just OK?

This isn’t that place.


I mean, the view IS amazing, but the beer and food is actually really freaking good, too. The first time I came here, I had a turkey brie panini that rocked my socks. The second time, a southwest chicken sandwich split with a burrito. (I wish I could say I got both, but I shared half and half….OK FINE 3/4 1/4 (in which I ate both 3/4). ANYWAY. It was all awesome. And the beer is FANTASTIC. They had a really delicious brown sour last I went, and do a great job coming up with unique, tasty beers. Nicely done, Solera.

Service can be a little slow, but what’s the rush? Grab a picnic bench outside, play with a hula hoop, stare at the mountain, make a friend or two. Drink beer. Repeat.


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