White Salmon Backyard Half

Sometimes, you run a race where you have to not REALLY realize how hard it’s going to be lest you talk yourself out of it. This was the White Salmon backyard half for me.

SET THE SCENE: It’s June 20, 2015. A week ago, I had just run the Nike Women’s 15K Toronto. Some friends from Run Club were doing the race, and I got FOMO’ed into it. We met up at Eisenhower Bagel house (because carbs) and then were on our way. I knew that the race was supposed to be pretty hard. It wasn’t until I’d been running uphill for about an hour that I was basically like “fuck.”

Us before the race..we don't know what we're in for!

Us before the race..we don’t know what we’re in for!

But honestly – truly – I can say it was one of my favorite races ever. Despite over 2K feet of elevation gain, almost falling off a cliff multiple times, having to slide down my butt on rocks on the descent – the view at the top was amazing.

Backyard Half

After, we rolled over to Everybody’s Brewing and gorged our faces with nachos and beer. I missed the 2016 race due to a stupid food sprain, but you better bet I’ll be back again next year.


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